September 11, 2001 changed the lives of all Americans.

We all had a different experience that day and most of us can say our lives will never be the same. When I reflect on that day and the days and years that followed, I can honestly say there are many ways 9/11 Changed My Life and some of them are good.

Many Americans lost their lives that day and many families have sacrificed more than myself and my family have sacrificed. I’m thankful to have my family in the aftermath of that dreadful terrorist attack. I’m especially thankful to have my husband.

As a military spouse, I couldn’t wrap my brain around how that day would create change in my life for many years to come. In the years that followed, I was without my husband for a total of 29 months due to deployments to Iraq. He came home safely but many did not and I’m forever grateful for the sacrifice many families continue to make as they have one empty chair around the dinner table.

In the years that followed 9/11, I experienced fear and stress that only another military spouse can comprehend BUT God gave me strength and assurance that HE IS MY EVERYTHING. He is my strength. He is my hope. He is my provider. He is the ONE AND ONLY I can lean on in a time of need.

The beauty from the ashes of 911 for me is a strength and peace that overcomes fear. As a wife, mother, and Realtor I have no reason to fear. Yes, I’m careful. But am I afraid of what will happen? No…The Lord Jesus Christ has overcome anything that can possibly happen.

On the 15th anniversary of that horrific day, I will be walking hand in hand with my husband Keith into the Georgia Dome through metal detectors to see The Atlanta Falcons play their first home game. I will enjoy my day without fear. I hope whatever you do on Sunday, you will do the same!