I got a call this weekend from someone interested in one of my listings.

They had started out trying to locate the agent that originally told them about the property but they just couldn’t remember who it was. I would love for that agent to sell it but he made it impossible by not making a lasting impression. In any type of business, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. Be Unforgettable.

Houses can also be unforgettable. I just listed a house for sale that I helped the owners purchase in 2009. I have referred to this house as “Calico Kitty” over the years because the basement had multi-colored shag carpet, even half-way up the wall on the staircase!! Well, the shag is all gone and the basement is complete with its own kitchen for your college student OR your mother-in-law.

Check it out and call me or that other Unforgettable Realtor for your private showing!