I’m sure we’ve all heard these phrases.  “Call me anytime!” “I’m ALWAYS Available” or this one really makes me chuckle “I never sleep!” REALLY?!? How do you function? Is it safe for you to drive?!  The truth is, I really DO want my clients to rely on me. They can. I’m dependable but there are reasons I can’t always answer a txt, email, or phone call. Please Call Your Realtor Anytime but be willing to be flexible.

Customer service means giving undivided attention to the person that is in front of me at the moment. Have you ever seen a couple ignoring each other and looking at their phones at a restaurant? I don’t want to look like that to you. You deserve better.

The real estate business is built on relationships and I’ve built many over the years because my clients are also my friends. One of my clients that recently had her 4th transaction with me said it all in her recent FB post “Leslie, thank you for all you do to make the buying and selling process so flawless. You always go that extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly. You take the stress out of what could be a stressful process. You are a great Realtor, but more importantly I feel that I’ve gained a great friend over the past 9 years.” -A.D.

If you want a Realtor that DOES sleep and treats you like the important person you are….Call Your Realtor Anytime. Call me!