There’s a Realtor in Texas that is advertising she’ll sell homes for people that are leaving the country if Donald Trump is elected. I must admit, it’s a clever marketing plan but it hurts my feelings to think fellow Americans threaten to leave this great country if their candidate doesn’t win. To those people I say “If the grass looks greener, jump the fence!”

Obviously, this post isn’t about green grass. This is a great country and many fellow Americans have given their lives for the freedoms we have. We can worship how we choose, say what we choose, bear arms, and choose our leadership. The freedoms we have in this country are too many to list here but I think you get what I mean.

This country is one big family. Families make decisions together and stick by them. We all have a responsibility to make educated choices before we vote. But in the end, if my candidate doesn’t win,  this country is still my home and I’m sticking around to contribute what I can to make it better.

If you decide you’ll have a better life by leaving the country, you’re free to leave. That’s another great benefit of being an American. You can leave whenever you choose. If you decide to go, I’ll help you sell your house.

When you decide to come back, I’ll be here with open arms to help you find a new home. I’ll even buy you a new American flag to fly in your yard.