In real estate, asking the right questions is the best way to understand what you truly want from your home search.  Lately, I’ve caught myself saying “I Understand What You Want. It Doesn’t Exist Right Now.”

This is an odd Spring. Inventory is low and looking at dozens of choices in your price range doesn’t happen. If you are serious about finding a home and you find the one for you, don’t take much time to sleep on it because someone else is sleeping on it, too.

If you are SERIOUS about moving, do the legwork to set yourself up for success before you begin.

First: Consider your budget and your price range. You are best equipped when you do this with a lender that takes their time with you. There are some good internet lenders out there, but they don’t take the time and counsel with you. Talk with someone you trust. Discover a realistic payment for your family and determine how much cash you need upfront.

Second: Find an agent that knows the area. I mean REALLY knows it. If you are easily frustrated by backed up traffic and concerned about how long it will take you to get from home to anywhere, I understand. I’ll help you figure out the best route to school or work. If there are activities you enjoy or if you want to become involved in your new community, ask your Realtor. We have our fingers on the pulse of where we live and work.

Third: When you have found the place you feel is perfect for you, TAKE ACTION!!! It’s likely someone else feels it’s perfect for them, too.

Fourth: Consider the market statistics and make a realistic offer. Oh, I know everyone wants a deal and I want you to get one; but the days of snatching homes below appraisal value are gone for now. Don’t feel cheated because you’re paying close to what a home is worth. Hopefully, the value will increase and you will reap a benefit when you sell in the future. After all, didn’t you make a little money the last time you sold a house? I hope you did!

Fifth and Finally: JUST HANG IN THERE!! When you get an accepted contract, you still have work to do. Make your loan application, Get your inspections, and listen to professional advice. Between your lender and your Realtor, someone will be telling you what steps you need to take to get to closing day SUCCESSFULLY!