I have a friend whose doors are always unlocked and friends are always welcome. She’s the only friend I have that I stop by to see without calling first. That’s just normal for her and she’s always happy to see me. Her home is filled with love and LOVE MAKES A HOME.

She barely knew me but reached out to me as a new military mom in town. ¬†We were “fast friends” and my kids were always welcome at her house when I couldn’t be in two places at once. Her home was our gym, our place to cook meals, and a play place for all of our children. In her home there’s been lots of laughter, lots of prayer, and lots of messes we scrambled to clean up at the end of the day! Life has gotten busy and we don’t visit as often as we should but I know I can show up at anytime and be welcome to make myself a plate and put my feet up.

A house can be impressive because of features and amenities but they mean the most to their owners because of the love shared there. I’m proud to present this new listing because of its many features, but also because of the love and hospitality this home has been filled with over the years. Are you looking for a place to welcome friends and family?

There’s a lot of room for love in this place!