Most people that know me as an adult, don’t know my mother. I’m 5’2.5″ tall, my mother is 5’8″. My Mother Is A Giant and I look up to her in many ways.

My mother went back into the workforce and back to school to get her Masters degree when I was 3 yrs old. She set professional goals for herself and has been successful at reaching them. She developed a love for contract bridge and played a few nights a week after work. She spent time taking care of others in the community. I can remember many families she took groceries to or bought furniture for.

Are you thinking “Who raised you”? SHE did. But she did it while teaching me and my sister to care for ourselves and to take care of others. She never told either one of us to get jobs as teenagers, it just came naturally. She never pushed either one of us to go to college; it was just the normal thing to do. She gave advice when we asked for it but gave us room to develop our own character.


As independent as I am, there have been times I’ve needed a soft place to land. That soft place has been (literally) in my mother’s lap. When I’ve had heartache, she’s been there. When I was struggling my last semester of college after a bad car accident, she wrote a paper for me. (shhhh!) When Keith and I had a sick baby and felt helpless, she was there.  When Keith was deployed during Christmas time and our girls were small, she helped me make the best of it. The list goes on and on.

Mother’s Day cards celebrate moms who are different than mine. She didn’t kiss boo-boos. She said “Bite the Bullet!” as she poured peroxide over them. She didn’t do my laundry. She taught me how to do it.  I could’ve never survived being married to a career military officer along with its deployments if she hadn’t taught me to believe in my own abilities.

I’m a “get it done” kind of person with a strong personality. Those of you who appreciate it can thank my mother.